The advantages of our cluniac application

The process of « Cluny and its cluniac sites » becoming inscribed with UNESCO can seem long and time-consuming and the end result isn’t guaranteed. But the effort will be well worth it because the application brings with it a number of benefits.

1 A major event

In thousands of sites in Europe – and for 900 years – the Cluniac monks shaped the landscape, built monuments and influenced different ways of thinking in the context of an interdependent and inter-connected European network.

2 An organised network

The European Federation of Cluniac Sites (EFCS) has worked since 1994 at the preservation and development of the Clunisian heritage. At the heart of this, 200 sites in 7 European countries work together to put in place trans-national projects in the areas of tourism, culture, education and digital technology.

3 Significant partners

In several European countries, administrations and public (as well as private) institutions at national, regional and local levels, in addition to the various populations of the territories concerned, support this unifying project

4 Linked trans-national properties

This internationally-based application allows us to include in the project the complementary resources (financial, logistical and expertise) of the authorities of several countries.